Play Area Flooring in Birds End

Play Area Flooring in Birds End

Rubber playground flooring is commonly installed to recreational areas in public parks, primary schools and nurseries as a colourful safety surface.

Playground Surfacing Designs in Birds End

Playground Surfacing Designs in Birds End

We can create many bespoke designs for playground surfacing including educational games and colourful animals for kids of all ages to enjoy.

Recreational Flooring Contractors in Birds End

Recreational Flooring Contractors in Birds End

Over the years we have completed many projects to install playground flooring in a range of designs and specifications for many different educational and leisure facilities.

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Play Area Flooring in Birds End

Our services focus on installing and maintaining a range of playground flooring for outdoor play areas in Birds End IP29 5 in different specifications to suit the requirements of various projects.

We have installed playground flooring and playground equipment for many organisations all over the UK, including schools, nurseries and public parks near me, to create fun and stimulating environments for kids to learn as they play.

We install the playground surface specifications include wetpour rubber surfacing, outdoor playground mats, bonded play bark as well as rubber matting, rubber tiles and recycled play surfacing rubber mulch.

We can also apply thermoplastic playground flooring markings to macadam surfaces to create brightly coloured designs for your outdoor play areas.

Playground flooring is typically installed in wet pour, and come in a range of colours, this encourages creative play in the school playground. 

Playground safety is of the utmost importance so our playground surfaces are designed and installed to make sure children can play on the new playground without any danger of harm.

Not only is it safe, but it is also fun, as playground flooring can be installed in a range of colours with the option of educational graphics as an addition.


What is Play Area Flooring?

Each of the playground surface specifications has individual characteristics which might be better suited to different outdoor play areas.

However, all the options create safe, non-slip and fun environments for kids to play.

We also offer maintenance services and advice to help look after the flooring and keep it safe for use once the initial installation has been completed.

Simple maintenance and cleaning like brushing and removing debris should be enough to prevent damage to the flooring. Still, it’s vital to carry out repairs immediately if any damage does occur.

We understand the main priority of safety to the children in outdoor play areas, so playground safety is at the forefront of our discussions when quoting for a wet pour playground.

For this reason, all of our products have been manufactured to specific CFH (Critical Fall Height) to ensure kids are not seriously harmed on our surfaces and non-slip materials are used.

The CFH measures the height of play equipment, in children's play areas, to determine the depth of the surfacing to make sure any falls from said play equipment are not critical for young children.

Our team of specialists can offer advice on all aspects of playground flooring construction and maintenance.

For more information on the costs of our playground safety surfacing services, feel free to complete the contact box on this page, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

How to Maintain Playground Flooring Near Me

After installing your facility, you must take the appropriate maintenance strategy to ensure that your facility and playground flooring stays looking excellent for as long as possible.

Our team always recommend a proactive approach to maintain your playground flooring and rubber tiles because not only will it allow it to last for the longest period of time, but it will also mean that it will look as vibrant as it was at the start.

Many facilities don't use the correct playground flooring strategy and therefore see their playground and rubber tiles become vague over time.

A simple regular brushing session on your outdoor playground mats and rubber tiles would be very beneficial as it would ensure that all pores are unclogged.

If pores are clogged, they will lose porosity, and water can build up on the flooring, causing flooding through the surfacing.

This would be very bad in a wet pour playground because children will get wet, and as they return to school, they will get the floor completely soaked and they may even catch colds in the Winter.

However, if you brush the rubber tiles or wetpour surfacing regularly, the pores in the surfacing will stay clean and allow the surfacing to drain all the water.

However, if a repair is needed, then our team are always more than happy to visit your facility to repair these issues. We have carried out many playground safety surfacing repairs in the past.

It is recommended that you inform us of any problems with your surface as soon as possible because if the problem grows, it can lead to a more costly repair.


Can You Put a Playground on Grass?

One of the least impact-absorbing substances for playgrounds is grass. Some consider grass to be an unsuitable playground surface since it becomes less shock-absorbent and provides little protection from falls as it wears down.

If you would like your playgrounds to resemble grass then an alternative for safety surfacing in a play area is green wet pour or green rubber mulch, which gives a similar look to grass but is much safer for children.

What Makes a Playground Safe?

Avoid playgrounds with surfaces that do not absorb impacts, such as asphalt, concrete, grass, dirt, or gravel. Sand, pea gravel, wood chips, mulch, and shredded rubber tiles are all recommended as surface materials.

Playground safety surfacing bears in mind any hazards, such as CFH, and creates safety surfacing that protects young children who will be using the playground equipment and running around on the playground.

Can a Playground Be Safe and Fun?

A school playground can be safe and fun at the same time!

Playground surfaces are primarily focused on safety, to make sure children don't harm themselves while they are playing. So, they are absorbent, non-slip playgrounds. 

However, rubber tiles can be installed in a range of colours, such as green wet pour or rubber mulch, which encourages creative play and active play.

You can create your own playground design, adding interactive aspects, such as a wet pour roundabout or wetpour numbers to encourage learning while the kids are playing. 

Playground markings or educational designs can be fitted to promote numeracy and literacy skills in children and physical activity, integrating learning and playing, while still maintaining playground safety. 

Many schools love the visual impact a wet pour outdoor playground can have on their institution.

What Do You Put On a Playground Floor?

Shock-absorbing surfaces are ideal for playground floors. These materials include outdoor playground mats, synthetic turf, and other artificial surfaces that are kids safe and requires low maintenance.

Play equipment, such as climbing frames, must be installed prior to the flooring being fitted in the children's play area, and CFH is always calculated to ensure safe play at all times.

What Do You Put Under Outdoor Playhouse?

A sturdy foundation is required for all playhouses. To ensure the stability of your playhouse, the base should be substantial, square, flat, and level. Concrete tiles or paving slabs are ideal for a playhouse base.

A solid concrete foundation is more stable and typically more expensive, but it is a good foundation for a larger playhouse. For extra protection, you can also add a layer of outdoor playground rubber tiles.

Rubber tiles are typically secured around the perimeter of a playhouse, as the tiles are absorbent and anti-slip. Rubber tiles can be a relatively cheap way to increase the safety of playgrounds.

It's important to make sure the playhouse is secure, so the kids playing are safe and not at risk of harm. 

Playground Surfacing Designs in Birds End

The wetpour rubber surfacing in Birds End IP29 5 is one of the most popular children's play areas as we may install it in several different colours and designs.

Graphics can be installed within the playground, surfacing various shapes such as animals, numbers, rockets, roadways and traditional playground activities.

We can completely customise each of the playground designs to meet the requirements of every individual project so you can have full control over the final product of your decorative flooring.

We can offer flexible quotes for each playground surfaces installation, and our costs vary depending on several factors, including area size, existing ground conditions and the site location.

Other Services We Offer

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As experienced play area facility contractors, we can assist you with every aspect of your construction project, from the initial surfacing designs to the full installation and aftercare maintenance.

We aim to offer each of our client's a personalised service to ensure they get the perfect soft playground surface, whether it’s a school, nursery or public recreational area.

Please contact us to discuss any questions you have regarding play-area surfacing in Birds End IP29 5 and designs or if you’d like a price quotation for a project you’re looking to carry out.


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