Outdoor Play Area in West Lothian

Outdoor Play Area in West Lothian

External playground surfaces in the UK can be designed to meet various requirements for safety and functionality, we can help create the perfect specification for your play surface.

Recreational Play Flooring in West Lothian

Recreational Play Flooring in West Lothian

The designs for outdoor playground flooring can be specially made to fit with existing or new play equipment to ensure Critical Fall Heights are met for optimum safety qualities.

Playground Surface Designs in West Lothian

Playground Surface Designs in West Lothian

We can offer advice on specifications and construction of outdoor play area surfaces at parks, primary schools and nurseries throughout the UK.

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Outdoor Play Area Surfaces in West Lothian

The most commonly used outdoor play area surfaces in West Lothian EH30 9 are wet pour rubber crumb surfacing and rubber-mulch. Wet pour surfacing is often called a variety of different names because of its appearance. The names which you might have heard of are bouncy safety surfaces, rubber tarmac surfacing, spongy rubber facility, soft pour, soft play surfacing and rubber crumb flooring. Rubber mulch is a premium grade safety surface; it is ideally suited to outdoor playground issues like muddy patches in school playgrounds and around existing timber trim trail equipment. If you have a muddy outdoor playground surfaces which often becomes unusable in wet conditions, these areas can easily be converted with minimal preparation works.

Recreational Playground Flooring Near Me

The installation of artificial grass is becoming increasing popular for recreational flooring in domestic and commercial gardens throughout the country. There are a range of benefits that you will find when you install artificial turf. These include having a SuDS compliant facility that is useable in all weathers and all year round. When you have artificial grass you will be saving time and money because artificial turf requires low maintenance, this is because artificial turf does not need mowing, cutting or watering. Grass mats are normally used in areas that want a soft playground surface http://www.playareaflooring.co.uk/surfacing/soft-play-surfaces/west-lothian/ but want to maintain the look of natural turf. Grass-mats are made of rubber 23mm thick and come in small squares which fit together to span across a larger area. The honeycomb shapes within that mat allow natural grass to protrude through disguising the grass mat but keeping the facility safe to be used.

What are Outdoor Play Area Surfaces?

Wetpour coloured graphics are an ideal way to brighten up your safety facility and recreational flooring. They let you create a unique, professional designs that is visually pleasing to both children and adults. The wide range of wetpour flooring surfaces http://www.playareaflooring.co.uk/rubber-area/wetpour/west-lothian/ means that each school ground can be specific to the children. You can choose from cartoon animals and characters, education activities, geographical maps, and bespoke designs to suit a particular logo or colour scheme of the school or nursery. Pathways are traditionally expensive to construct due to the amount of edges and minimal surface area. However mulch can be used to create cost effective and environmentally friendly pathway solutions with minimum disruption to your school site. Opting for a natural looking resin bound mulch facility reduces the operating times of contractors who are on your site. If you need to create an almost maintenance free pathway to link up play equipment, temporary classrooms or cut-through routes then our premium resin mulch surfacing offers a flexible natural look.

Protective surfacing grass mats now offer an interlocking design meaning there are no specialist tools required for installation as well as boasting the benefit of not requiring any ground or sub base preparation. The moulded non-slip cellular structure offers excellent durability as well as a shock absorber which also absorbs noise pollution. The other benefits include being wheel chair and push chair friendly whilst also being suitable for all weather conditions.

How to Repair a Play Area Surface in West Lothian

The repairs of an outdoor surface can be achieved in a numerous amount of ways. However, in facilities like outdoor playground surfaces in West Lothian EH30 9 repairs need to be undertaken as soon as possible and completed to the correct degree. This is because of the main priority of children in the schools which is safety. All of our worktops are made according to appropriate critical fall height to ensure that when playing on one of our surfaces, if children fall they will not severely injure themselves. If your surface is in need of repair, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. The longer you leave and delay the repair, the more likely it is to get worse which consequently ends in a much larger cost. There should be no excuse for delaying a repair in an outdoor playground surfaces as the children could injure themselves if the area is not repaired.

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