Play Area Flooring in Borth

Play Area Flooring in Borth

Rubber playground flooring is commonly installed to recreational areas in public parks, primary schools and nurseries as a colourful safety surface.

Playground Surfacing Designs in Borth

Playground Surfacing Designs in Borth

We can create many bespoke designs for playground surfacing including educational games and colourful animals for kids of all ages to enjoy.

Recreational Flooring Contractors in Borth

Recreational Flooring Contractors in Borth

Over the years we have completed many projects to install playground flooring in a range of designs and specifications for many different educational and leisure facilities.

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Play Area Flooring in Borth

If you are looking for the best play area flooring solution in Borth SY24 5 look no further than Play Area Flooring. With years of experience and expertise, we offer high-quality materials, customisable designs, safety features, and durability that guarantee customer satisfaction.

Whether you are a school, nursery or town council, we are here to provide you with the very best service. 

We install various playground surface specifications, including wetpour rubber surfacing, outdoor playground mats, bonded play bark and recycled play surfacing rubber mulch.

We can also apply thermoplastic playground flooring markings to macadam surfaces to create brightly coloured designs for your outdoor play areas.

Contact us today for a quote and let us transform your play area into a safe and fun space for the children.


Why Choose Play Area Flooring?

Play Area Flooring is the premier choice for playground flooring, offering a blend of safety, durability, and innovative design solutions tailored for children's outdoor play areas.

In terms of creating a safe and inviting environment for kids to play, Play Area Flooring stands out for its exceptional features.

We offer competitive pricing, making our surfaces a cost-effective investment in the safety and well-being of children. With easy installation processes and low maintenance requirements, these surfaces offer hassle-free solutions for playground owners.

With years of experience and unrivalled expertise in playground surfacing, Play Area Flooring ensures top-notch safety standards and quality installations for outdoor play areas.

We pride ourselves on using high-quality materials that meet the highest safety and durability standards required for outdoor playground surfaces and provide customisable designs that nurture creativity and educational themes to enhance the play experience in outdoor settings.

Safety and durability are at the core of Play Area Flooring's offerings, providing absorbent and non-slip surfaces that prioritise the well-being of children in outdoor play areas.

We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction through exceptional service, quality installations, and competitive pricing for a range of playground flooring solutions.

Play Area Flooring Cost

Play area flooring costs can vary between £40-£100 per metre squared.

Understanding the cost of play area flooring solutions is essential for evaluating the cost-effectiveness and benefits they bring to outdoor play areas.

There are a range of factors that can impact the price. These include the size of the area, the location, the colours required and the depth needed. 

If you would like a free quotation, please make sure to contact our team today.


Benefits of Play Area Flooring

Play Area Flooring offers an array of benefits, including exceptional durability, low maintenance requirements, advanced safety features, and customisable design options for diverse playground needs.

We have listed some of the biggest benefits below.


Durability is a hallmark of play area flooring, ensuring that outdoor surfaces are long-lasting and resilient to the rigours of children's play activities.

Our surfaces generally last 10+ years, depending on usage and maintenance. 

The durability of these materials ensures that they can withstand heavy usage and various weather conditions without requiring extensive maintenance, making them a practical and long-lasting choice for any play area.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance requirements make Play Area Flooring an ideal choice for playground surfaces. It offers ease of upkeep and long-term safety benefits for outdoor play areas.

We do recommend cleaning the surfaces to remove dirt and debris and carrying out routine inspections in the event of any damages. Finding any rips and tears early can eliminate the need for costly repairs.

Safety Features

When considering the advantages of Play Area Flooring in Borth, the safety features stand out as one of the biggest advantages.

With features like impact absorption, slip resistance, and cushioning properties, children are safeguarded during play, reducing the risk of injuries. 

Can be Customised

The customisation possibilities of these floorings allow playgrounds to be tailored to specific themes or requirements, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. 

We offer surfaces can be fully customised to reflect unique design preferences, creative themes, and educational elements that enrich the play environment for children.

Types of Play Area Flooring

Play Area Flooring in Borth offers diverse flooring options, including Wetpour, Rubber Mulch, and Artificial Grass surfaces, each tailored to meet specific playground requirements.

Wetpour Borth 

Wetpour flooring combines rubber crumb and polyurethane binders to create a cushioned and absorbent surface that enhances safety in outdoor playgrounds.

Wetpour surfaces provide excellent impact absorption, reducing the risk of injury during play. Its porous nature allows water drainage, making it ideal for areas prone to moisture accumulation.

Wetpour can also be installed in a range of colours and we can insert EPDM graphics to create a fun, bespoke design.

Rubber Mulch in Borth

Rubber Mulch surfaces offer exceptional safety features, including stable foundations and compliance with critical fall height standards for playground environments.

Rubber Mulch surfaces also offer superior durability and require minimal maintenance. They are also environmentally friendly and provide a cushioned base for children's activities.

Artificial Grass in Borth 

Artificial Grass flooring solutions offer natural-looking aesthetics, UV resistance, and efficient drainage systems for sustainable and visually appealing playground surfaces.

Artificial Grass surfaces present a low-maintenance solution that mimics the appearance of real grass without the need for watering or mowing. Its soft texture and realistic look create a natural play environment for children to enjoy.

What is Play Area Flooring?

Play Area Flooring encompasses a range of premium flooring solutions designed to prioritise safety, durability, and innovative design for children's play areas in schools, nurseries, parks, and other outdoor spaces.

With a strong emphasis on creating safe play environments, the company ensures that its flooring options meet the highest safety standards, providing peace of mind to parents and carers.

Each design is carefully crafted to not only withstand the daily wear and tear of active play but also to stimulate children's creativity and imagination.

Play Area Flooring is known for its expertise in customised installations and tailoring solutions to suit different play areas' specific needs and dimensions.

Whether it's vibrant colours, patterns, or themes, the flooring can be designed to complement the space's overall aesthetic while ensuring maximum safety.

Who Do We Work With?

Play Area Flooring collaborates with diverse clients, including schools in Borth, nurseries, parks, and various other areas, catering to the unique flooring needs of early years, KS1, KS2, and SEN environments.

They provide tailored flooring solutions specifically designed to meet the safety and educational requirements of each demographic group.

Whether creating vibrant and stimulating play surfaces for early years settings or durable and robust options for KS1 and KS2 environments, Play Area Flooring ensures that every client receives a customised solution.


Play Area Flooring partners with schools to deliver premium flooring solutions that prioritize safety, durability, and innovative design elements for children's playgrounds.

Having play area flooring installed at schools helps to create engaging spaces that promote learning through play.


Nurseries benefit from Play Area Flooring's vibrant and safe flooring options, which are designed to create engaging and secure play environments for young children.

These flooring solutions for nurseries are crafted to enhance sensory experiences and support developmental milestones.


Parks receive premium flooring treatments from Play Area Flooring, ensuring safety and natural aesthetics in outdoor play spaces that cater to diverse age groups and recreational activities.

Parks benefit from their durable and low-maintenance options that cater to high foot traffic and various weather conditions.

Other Areas

Play Area Flooring extends its expertise to various other areas, offering innovative flooring solutions that prioritise safety, creativity, and durability across different outdoor spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer installation services?

We offer professional installation services for all of our play area flooring options.

Our team follows strict safety guidelines and ensures a smooth and efficient installation process.

Is your play area flooring safe for children?

All of our play area flooring options are designed with safety as a top priority.

Our surfaces are impact-absorbing, non-slip, and meet safety standards to protect children from potential injuries.

Do you provide maintenance services for your play area flooring?

We offer maintenance services to keep your play area flooring in top condition.

This includes regular cleaning, repairs, and replacements if necessary.

Can you customise the design of the play area flooring?

We offer customisation options for our play area flooring to fit your specific needs and preferences.

This includes choosing from different colours, patterns, and designs to create a unique and attractive play area for children.

Playground Surfacing Designs in Borth

The wetpour rubber surfacing in Borth SY24 5 is one of the most popular children's play areas as we may install it in several different colours and designs.

Graphics can be installed within the playground, surfacing various shapes such as animals, numbers, rockets, roadways and traditional playground activities.

We can completely customise each of the playground designs to meet the requirements of every individual project so you can have full control over the final product of your decorative flooring.

We can offer flexible quotes for each playground surfaces installation, and our costs vary depending on several factors, including area size, existing ground conditions and the site location.

Other Services We Offer

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As experienced play area facility contractors, we can assist you with every aspect of your construction project, from the initial surfacing designs to the full installation and aftercare maintenance.

We aim to offer each of our client's a personalised service to ensure they get the perfect soft playground surface, whether it’s a school, nursery or public recreational area.

Please contact us to discuss any questions you have regarding play area surfacing in Borth SY24 5 and designs or if you’d like a price quotation for a project you’re looking to carry out.


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