Rubber Playground Mulch in Castlereagh

Rubber Playground Mulch in Castlereagh

A popular surface type for natural looking play areas is rubber playground mulch, this is a bonded play surface made of recycled rubber chippings.

Bonded Mulch Surfacing in Castlereagh

Bonded Mulch Surfacing in Castlereagh

Bonded mulch flooring can be installed to paths and other outdoor areas as well as playgrounds to create a natural appearance which fits in with existing features.

Rubber Mulch Flooring in Castlereagh

Rubber Mulch Flooring in Castlereagh

Many outdoor leisure areas such as parks and visitor attractions have rubber mulch surfacing installed to fit in with the natural surroundings.

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Rubber Playground Mulch in Castlereagh

Our rubber playground mulch in Castlereagh BT6 0 specification is a resin round surface type which is perfect for outdoor recreational areas as it enhances the safety and also gives the surfacing an interesting look.

The rubber is made using shredded rubber chippings which are bonded together with a specialist resin.

This resin and rubber chippings mixture can then be laid on to existing surfaces like grass and muddy flooring which might have become unusable.

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How to Install Rubber Mulch Near Me

Rubberised shred can be installed without much preparation which makes it a simple and cost effective outdoor surface.

Rubber mulch can be and excellent alternative to loose fill products such as play bark chippings. 

Once installed, the bonded mulch surfacing doesn’t require much maintenance because the chippings do not get lost from the area.

Other play surfaces like loose bark which is made of the same shred, but they can get lost from the play-area because they aren’t bonded into one surface.

As well as rubber chippings/ rubber mulch, we offer all kinds of play surface flooring types 

So feel free to speak to one of our specialists about the different designs we offer and the costs for each one.

We can also install this for pathways, timber activity trails, around trees and for other outdoor safety surfaces.

The surfacing is specially designed to have a natural appearance to give the play area a unique feel which is ideal for woodland areas and activity trails.

Bonded Shred Repair in Castlereagh

Lots of schools, nurseries, commercial areas and public parks have this surfacing installed to add safety characteristics to an area with play equipment like timber trails and climbing frames.

The specification of the bonded rubberised mulch means it has the appearance of loose bark which makes the space look more natural.

Having a specialist design of recreational safety flooring means that children are protected from injuries when running around and playing games in the area.

The maintenance of playgrounds is important to ensure that the surface stays clean for as long as possible.

This way, you will also be ensuring that the surface lasts for a long time and you will be able to observe any problems with the court as quickly as possible.

By observing them quickly, you will be able to contact us quickly to ensure we respond quickly.

This means that the repair should only be minor and wouldn't cost anywhere near as much as a delayed repair further down the line.

Problems can grow over time in playgrounds, it's important that you do not delay the necessary repairs because children could get hurt if the issue is not solved.

We can supply you with rubberised repair kits if the problem is only small, however if it is a major problem or you have more detailed requirements, our team are happy to repair it for you and will visit your facility on an agreed date.

Rubber Play Area Mulch Costs

On average, the cost of supplying and installing rubber mulch ranges from around £40 to £60 per m2. 

There are certain factors than might affect the cost, for example; 

  • Location
  • Area size 
  • Depth requirements (to conform to critical fall heights)
  • Site access 

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Benefits of Rubber Play Area Mulch 

There are a range of benefits to having rubber play area mulch installed. 

Some of the benefits of rubber play area mulch include: 

  • Low maintenance 
  • A bonded surface - so little to no loose rubber chippings
  • Porous 
  • Can be used year round
  • Provide safety, conforming to critical fall heights

These are just some of the benefits to having rubber play area mulch. 

Rubber mulch can be an excellent alternative to loose bark chippings, children love. 

If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail with our experts, please get in touch. 

What is Rubber Play Area Mulch?

Rubber play area mulch is a perfect surface type that ensures safety, security and a natural look to facilities such as parks and playgrounds near me.

All of our surfacing has been safety tested to meet BS EN 1177 standards so it can be installed and used around outdoor playing equipment to protect kids from injuries while they play.

You can even have the playground bonded shred installed in different coloured designs, allowing you to customise the look of your playing space.

Once the initial installation is complete, the surface is relatively low maintenance, so you can save money on looking after it.

Rubber shred in Castlereagh BT6 0 is extremely beneficial for the facilities that are surround by trees and grass because of the rural feel that it gives and the natural look it promotes.

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