Playground Safety Surfaces in Whitesides Corner

Playground Safety Surfaces in Whitesides Corner

There are many different types of playground safety surfaces that can be installed to outdoor facilities including wetpour, bonded play bark and rubber grass mats.

Rubber Grass Mats in Whitesides Corner

Rubber Grass Mats in Whitesides Corner

Grass mat tiles are made of recycled rubber and fit onto existing natural grass surfaces to give extra safety qualities while maintaining the appearance.

Bonded Mulch Surfacing in Whitesides Corner

Bonded Mulch Surfacing in Whitesides Corner

Bonded rubber mulch playground flooring is a safety surface which is commonly installed to play areas with timber equipment and activity trails for a more natural look.

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Playground Safety Surfaces in Whitesides Corner

It’s important to have playground safety surfaces in Whitesides Corner BT41 installed to your play area if it’s being used by young children, and especially if there is play equipment like swings and climbing frames in the area.

There are a number of playground specifications to choose from, one of the most popular ones from nurseries and schools is wetpour rubber surfacing. This spongy outdoor play surface is made up of EPDM rubber granules which are mixed together with a binder and laid out onto the playground on top of a suitable sub base. Wetpour play ground safety surfacing can come in a range of colours with graphic designs such as cartoons, animals, games and educational activities.

What are Playground Safety Surfaces?

Playground safe surfaces are the crucial materials used to prevent injuries in children who are enjoying playing on their playground. Other safe floors that we install include bonded bark rubber mulch surfacing, tiles and rubber grass matting which can all be installed in different specifications and designs. The rubber mulch surfacing would be typically used in muddy and trim trails to give a more natural appearance. Safety tiles and grass mats also give the play-area surfaces a natural look as their rubber material gives the right safety characteristics but allows natural grass to grow up through them. For more information on the prices and specification of flooring, pleae take a moment to complete the contact box so we may get back to you with these details. 

Safe Playground Flooring Costs

When we carry out a play surface installation project, the flooring costs will vary for each different job. This is because many factors such as area size, site location and the type of play-area safe surfacing being used will all affect the price of the installation. We may give you an idea of flooring prices for your project so you can come up with a budget for the works. Our prices are flexible within reason and we can make adjustments to the designs and surface specifications to help cut costs for your organisation. Carrying out regular maintenance for the surfacing will also help to lower the future flooring costs as it'll be less likely to get damaged and need repairs or resurfacing.

How to Keep your Playground Safe Near me

You can keep your play area in Whitesides Corner BT41 as safe as possible by implementing the correct maintenance strategy after installation. Even if this is just a regular brushing session of your surface, you'll be able to keep the pores of a material unclogged to avoid any waterlogging or flooding. Flooding can cause injuries to children as the water may mean that the surface will become slippy and lose its anti-slip aggregate. By brushing the surface every so often, you will be ensuring that no dirt can get trapped inside the material. This will also help to keep the area nice and vibrant. These vibrant lines could possibly warn the children of any hazards in the area so could save injuries and keep them secure. Safety is and always should be the number one priority in school so our surfaces are always impressive both in terms of purpose and security.

Safe and Secure Playgrounds in Whitesides Corner

It is now becoming increasingly obvious that Ofsted award schools for effective playgrounds in their Ofsted report so really both the school and the pupils are gaining out of your area. Pupils will enjoy the fun that they offer and not only can school possibly increase their Ofsted report, but also the teachers at the school will be benefited because during breaks, children will be able to fully utilise the play ground and when they return, they should be fully energised due to the fresh air they have had. This will widen their attention span and allow the teachers to successfully complete their job of educating the children.

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For a professional price quotation on playground safe surfacing for your school, nursery or public park please fill in our contact form and tell us as many details as you can about the project so we can offer you an accurate cost estimate on the surfacing. Bonded bark mulch safety surfacing and EDPM rubberised flooring both have NBS specifications meeting the CFH of the equipment so if you require any free fall space details or NBS information please fill in the contact form and we can send this. As soon as we receive your enquiry, we will respond to you with additional information on playground safety surfaces in Whitesides Corner BT41 and the costs. 

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