Rubber Grass Matting in Bleadon

Rubber Grass Matting in Bleadon

Recycled rubber grass mats are used in play areas which have natural grass surfaces but need additional safety qualities to protect kids while still maintaining the natural appearance.

Grass Mat Tiles in Bleadon

Grass Mat Tiles in Bleadon

The rubber tiles are formed in a honeycomb shape which means natural grass is able to grow up through the holes to disguise the look of the rubber.

Rubber Playground Mats in Bleadon

Rubber Playground Mats in Bleadon

We can install rubber matting for grass recreational areas to give enhanced safety qualities which meet requirements for various different types of playground features in parks and schools.

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Rubber Matting for Play Areas in Bleadon

If you’re for rubber matting for play areas in Bleadon BS24 0 which protects kids from falls while still keeping a natural look to the area, you may want to consider matting for these areas. Natural grass surfaces have an attractive appearance and can be seen in many recreational areas throughout the UK, but having mats installed onto existing grass can greatly improve the safety qualities.

Matting in playgrounds are made up of individual square tiles of around 1m x 1.5m each with a thickness of 22mm. The grass mat tiles are made using recycled rubber and come in a honeycomb shape with holes in so the natural grass can grow through and disguise the look of rubber. Our specialist playground contractors are able to fit these mats to suit the shape and size of your area.

Feel free to get in touch with our specialist team by completing the contact box provided below. We are always happy to help you answer any questions or fill you in on any information you need.

What is Rubber Matting?

Rubber matting is a type of safety surface used for children's playgrounds near me. When installing mats for playgrounds, we would advise you have a layer of ground stabilising mesh installed as well. This is specially designed to keep the mats securely in place and prevent them from slipping and moving around. The mats we use are also flame resistant and have a non slip finish to prevent kids from slipping over when running and playing on the surface. If you would like some product sheets about these mats, and an idea of costs to install them, please take some time to complete the quick contact form on this page so we can get back to you with the details.

Grass Mat Play Surfaces in Bleadon

The specifications of mat surfaces that we install are designed to protect kids when using different types of equipment as it has a Critical Fall Height rating of 1.1m-3m depending on the sub base and existing ground conditions. Our rubber-matting for play areas in Bleadon BS24 0 has been tested to BS EN 1177 standards for safety with use of outdoor equipment such as climbing frames, slides and roundabouts. It is always advised that you take careful consideration with any rubber play surface you install as the safety benefits can vary depending upon the conditions of the ground and the sub base used. The safety of children using these mat surfaces is our top priority so we recommend also consulting with the play equipment manufacturer as to what would be the best specification of safety surface to use.

How to Repair Grass Mat Play Surfaces Near Me

Grass mat surfaces are great in play areas due to the great look they offer and safety precautions that are provided. The honeycomb shape of the individual segments allows the grass to grow up the rubberised material and eventually disguise it. As it grows, the park begins to look better and better as the grass disguises the black rubber. This is beneficial as eventually the surface will look completely natural with added safey precautions becuase of the rubber. If it splits or is damaged in some way, you can contact our team by completing the provided contact form and we will visit the facility that is in need of a repair and carry these out for you. However, if there is some kind of minor damage, we might be able to send a repair kit to you so you can complete these repairs yourself.

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You can find out more about the rubberised matting that we can install as well as alternatives to mats for playareas by looking around the rest of our website. We have been installing outdoor recreational surfaces for years and our experienced staff will be able to offer you advice regarding the best type of specification for your project. Use our enquiry form to get in contact with us if you’d like some further details and a price quotation for installing rubber matting for play areas in Bleadon BS24 0 and surrounding areas, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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