Bonded Play Bark in Axton

Bonded Play Bark in Axton

Bonded rubber play bark is an ideal safety surface for outdoor recreational areas and activity trails with a more natural appearance.

Rubber Bark Surfaces in Axton

Rubber Bark Surfaces in Axton

Play bark surfacing is made of rubber chippings which are combined with a specialist resin and then laid out onto an existing area to provide added safety qualities.

Playground Rubber Bark in Axton

Playground Rubber Bark in Axton

Rubber bark is commonly installed in a range of colours and functional designs to recreational areas with activity trails and equipment that kids can play on.

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Bonded Play Bark in Axton

Bonded play bark in Axton CH8 9 is used as a recreational safety surface for many outdoor playgrounds where different types of equipment such as swings and climbing frames are used by kids.

The bonded rubber mulch we use is made from recycled rubber shred which is combined with a specialist resin binder and then laid out onto the prepared sub base.

We can additionally install a geotextile membrane underneath the bonded rubber bark surfacing to prevent the growth of weeds and contaminants from the natural ground beneath.

The surface specification is also porous and requires little maintenance as water can easily drain away without building up on the playground flooring during wet weather.

What is Bonded Play Bark?

A bonded play bark is a surface type that is used in playgrounds, parks and grass areas. It's useful because it provides a safe and good-looking texture to the children playing in the facility that it is on.

Once installed, the bonded rubber bark creates a textured effect with a rural appearance which fits in with a natural-looking area to give a woodland grass feel.

You may choose from a number of different colours and designs to give your outdoor space a bespoke look which suits existing colour themes at your school, nursery or park.

Different shapes and patterns can be incorporated into the rubber mulch specification to give an engaging environment for the children to enjoy while taking part in safe active play with a range of equipment.

Our team of specialist rubber mulch installers have worked with numerous schools and nurseries near me to design versatile playground facilities out of bonded rubber bark or wood bark chippings.

Don't hesitate to get in contact with us today so we can provide some further details on the costs, and let you know about all of the services we have available.

Rubber Bark Play Surfaces in Axton

Installing rubber mulch bark is a cost-effective way of enhancing the safety qualities of your playground.

All of our bonded bark is fully tested to meet a Critical Fall Height of up to 3m, however, we do recommend asking advice from the manufacturer of any equipment that is going to be used so you can be sure that the right specification of safety flooring is used and the Critical Fall Height is accurate.

Play equipment, such as climbing frames, should be installed prior to the surfacing, as the bonded rubber can be laid around the play equipment, making them secure. 

The type of sub-base and the existing site conditions of the ground can have an effect on the safety qualities of mulch, so it’s important to consider this as the wellbeing of the kids using the area should be the main priority.

Play bark in Axton CH8 9 will give the playgrounds area a very natural feel, which if paired with trees and grass, can look very appealing to children and even Ofsted.

Ofsted is aware of any advantages that an appealing mulch play area offers to children and are giving schools near me better grading for having these play areas. 

How to Maintain Play Area Flooring Near Me

When looking at how to maintain bonded rubber mulch play area flooring, you might want to think about the following:

  1. Regularly brush the surfacing
  2. Clean the surface if it becomes subject to moss and algae
  3. Carry out routine checks for any damages such as ripping or cracking of a surface
  4. Repair any damages immediately

Maintaining a bonded rubber area is relatively easy as long as you are determined to look after the materials.

Rubber mulch is a very durable, long-lasting surface type and is a cost-effective solution to safety surfacing as it can be laid directly on grass.

However, as the rubber mulch surface becomes more and more used by children, there is a possibility that the surface can become damaged.

It is vital that any damages are fixed as soon as possible and by contacting us, we will be able to visit the facility and repair the facility to ensure that no children are hurt.

We can also offer cost-effective repair kits if the damage is minor however it's highly recommended that you contact us if the damage is major.

The longer you delay a repair, the more likely it is that a child will get injured on the children's playgrounds, so it's vital to get in touch as soon as wear is seen on the materials.

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You can also have a look around the rest of our website to find out about the different specifications we install such as wetpour, rubber mulch and grass mat surfaces.

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